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Ancient Ruins


Immerse yourself in a mystical world that perfectly captures the atmosphere of bygone eras. The ruins you encountered have lasted for centuries, witnessing more than a few events that have made it into the annals of history. As you know, the past has many stories to tell...


- Clear plastic - Perfect solution for glass-like parts.

- Durability - Impact and damage resistant.

- Rich in details - Looks good both on the shelf and on the mat.

- Easy assembly - Cut and glue the parts with ease!


Box contains:

- Gate of the Sun
- Elven Stained Glass
- Gate of Might
- Elven Pillar
- Fountain of Forget
- 4 various mushrooms
- 2 various thorns
- 3 various plants
- Place Long Forgotten
- Obelisk of Dread
- Chainbreaker
- Speaking Stone
- Creepy Monument
- Monolith
- Spider Lair
- 4 various direction signs
- 2 various excavations
- Wooden Crane
- Stone Horse
- 5 various bushes
- 4 various spiderwebs
- Shaman's Tent
- Good Ol' Hut
- Legionarre's Tent
- Spirit Totem
- Vulture on Remains


Requires manual assembly and painting.

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