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Dungeon Silicone mould


Revolutionary silicone molds with which you can build a dungeon of tiles of your own design. These molds have the ability to reproduce pieces infinitely, allowing your dungeons to be as large as you want. This adds a great level of flexibility with which you can edit, shorten or lengthen campaigns as you wish. The molds have been intricately detailed with barred and wooden dungeon doors, stone arches, piles of rubble, and tiles of different types to provide realism and beauty as well as practicality.

All parts and their functions are carefully explained in the included instruction manual to assist you in your own designs.

Compatible with acrylic resin, UV resins, polyurethane resin and epoxy resin.

1:48 scale (wargames)

Contains: 2x Silicone Molds

In the case of using acrylic resin, to avoid that the finest pieces can split during the demoulding phase, it is recommended to increase the% of acrylic resin to 50/50.
Also, we remember that in cold environments the minimum drying times of acrylic resin increase to 1-2 hours depending on the temperature. Drying times may be sped up in hot environments.

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