• Green Stuff Dipping ink Acrylic Dipping Ink Paint Set 48 x 17ml

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Green Stuff Dipping ink Acrylic Dipping Ink Paint Set


Introducing the ultimate innovation in miniature painting – Green Stuff World's Acrylic Dipping Ink Paint Set! This comprehensive collection of 48 highly pigmented dipping and intensity inks in 17ml bottles is a game-changer for hobbyists, artists, and gamers alike.

Unleash your creativity with this extensive range of colors, carefully curated to cover every hue of the spectrum. Whether you're aiming for bold and vibrant tones or subtle and nuanced shades, our dipping inks have got you covered. From fiery reds and lush greens to deep blues and earthy browns, this set offers limitless possibilities to bring your miniatures, models, and artwork to life.

The secret lies in our unique speedpainting formulation, which combines rich pigments with a specialized medium for an unrivaled painting experience. Achieve stunning highlights and shadows with a single dip, making it the ideal choice for both beginners and experienced painters looking to save time without compromising on quality.

At its core, this semi-transparent acrylic paint is specifically engineered to expedite the shading and highlighting steps of miniature painting. When applied over a base coat of acrylic priming paint, it enables miniature painters to rapidly create authentic shadows and depth with just a single application. Using a light-colored or white primer before applying them, is a critical step in achieving high-quality results in your miniature and figure painting projects. It enhances adhesion, color accuracy, contrast colors, and overall finish quality, ensuring that your miniatures look their best on the gaming table or display shelf.

Each 17ml bottle is designed to provide ample paint for your projects, ensuring that you have enough to tackle even the most ambitious endeavors. Plus, the convenient bottle size makes storage and application a breeze.

This acrylic paint set from Green Stuff World is a must-have for anyone seeking to elevate their painting game. Uncover the power of these inks to effortlessly enhance the depth, detail, and realism of your miniatures, models, and artworks. Take your painting to the next level with this exceptional set and unlock a world of creative possibilities.

This speedpaint starter set includes 48x 17ml dropper bottles with mixing balls as follows:

4214 Papyrus dip
4215 Misted yellow dip
4216 Radiant orange dip
4217 Red cloak dip
4218 Garnet purple dip
4219 Glorious magenta dip
4220 Greenstone dip
4221 Cool blue dip
4222 Dusty blue dip
4223 Zombie dip
4224 Elfwood brown dip
4225 Skeleton brown dip
4226 Green Ghost dip
4227 Hulky green dip
4228 Ork flesh dip
4229 Azure dip
4230 Indigo blue dip
4231 Nightshade purple dip
4232 Amberglow dip
4233 Limelight dip
4234 Acid green dip
4235 Turquoise Ghost dip
4236 Goth skin dip
4237 Burgundy dip
4238 Deep black dip
4239 Yellow submarine dip
4240 Seraphim flesh dip
4241 Nude skin dip
4242 Blue Glacier dip
4243 Violet hint dip
4244 Morrow purple dip
4245 Purple vanity dip
4246 Green shark skin dip
4247 Grey mist dip
4248 Red opulence dip
4249 Skull linen dip
1720 Swamp brown
1721 Crimson magenta
1722 Viridis green
1723 Hydromiel yellow
1724 Phoenix orange
1725 Sanguinem red
1730 Opulentus black
1731 Sacra purple
1732 Tenebris blue
1733 Gorgon dark green
1734 Walnut brown
1735 Sepia vetus

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