• Imperial Crusaders Flame Blaster (6)

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Imperial Crusaders Flame Blaster (6)


This set contains six high quality resin Imperial Crusaders Flame Blasters. Designed to fit futuristic 28mm heroic scale wargaming.


The most devoted Legionary chapter ever founded - Imperial Crusaders are the mailed fist of humanity. Their zealotry and dedication is based on the ancient templar tradition. They paint their armours in black and cover them with tabards often adorning them with symbol of the cross.

Our products are intended for experienced modellers and may require trimming, bending and fitting. All parts are cast from highest quality resin. Supplied unpainted. May require assembly. We recommend washing all parts before assembly (tap water with mild detergent) and using Kromlech Superglue or other cyanoacrylate adhesive.

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