• Resin for 3d printers - ABS-like Grey 1000ml

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Resin for 3d printers - ABS-like Grey 1000ml


This specialized resin is specifically formulated to replicate the mechanical strength, toughness, and durability of ABS in the context of 3D printing miniatures.

ABS is the plastic used in Lego pieces and it offers excellent impact resistance, tensile strength, and dimensional stability, making it suitable for various applications that require robust and durable printed objects. It is designed to be used with UV-curing printers, where it is cured layer by layer using UV light exposure. With its flexible and rigid properties together, it is favored for printing wargame miniatures and other bigger busts and figures as well as creating functional prototypes, mechanical parts, and other objects that demand high-performance characteristics.

Its ability to replicate the strength and durability of ABS makes it a valuable material in the world of 3D printing, opening up possibilities for producing reliable and resilient prints for a wide range of applications.

This product for 3D printers ABS-like manufactured in Spain, it exemplifies the quality and precision associated with Spanish craftsmanship. With careful attention to detail and stringent manufacturing standards, Green Stuff World ensures that its resin meets the highest industry standards.

It boasts a unique feature—it possesses a slight flex that provides just enough flexibility to prevent accidental breakage. This characteristic adds an extra layer of durability to your printed objects, making them more resistant to minor impacts and reducing the risk of snapping or fracturing.

With its grey color, this resin ABS-like for 3D printers adds a professional and polished aesthetic to your prints, resulting in visually appealing finished products. Whether you're creating intricate models or functional parts, it will ensure that your prints maintain excellent dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

Compatible with UV curable 3D printers it will guarantee efficient and reliable printing processes. It ensures strong adhesion between layers and enables the creation of high-resolution prints with fine details.

Content: 1 Liter

Resin for 3D printers ABS-like Parameters

    UV wavelength 405 nm
    Hardness 80HS
    Viscosity (A5, V100, 20ºC) 352 CP
    Liquid density (20ºC) 1.094 g/cm3
    Tensile strength 25,3 ± 1,37 MPa
    Elongation at break*1 25,3 ± 1,37 MPa
    Flexural strength 21,9 ± 2,46 MPa
    Flexural modulus 602 ± 72,5 MPa

How to use

    Shake up the bottle before using it and avoid using it under direct sunlight.
    Find the optimum resin settings on www.greenstuffworld.com
    Wash your 3D printed model with ethanol over 95% degree or isopropyl alcohol, for 30 seconds at least, no more than 5 minutes.
    Dry the printings completely before post-curing.
    Cover the remaining product in your resin vat and keep good indoor ventilation.

Precautions for use and storage.

    Always wear protective gloves and a mask when handling this product.
    Keep the products away from the direct sunlight.
    Read this instructions carefully before using the product.
    When contact with eyes, do not rub your eyes and immediately flush your eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and call or visit a doctor.
    When inhaled, move to a location with clean air.
    Do NOT DRINK it and keep it away from children. When ingested, rinse your mouth with water immediately and take the advice of a doctor.
    If you got skin contact with it, please wash with water immediately and see a doctor if any allergy happens.
    Store the resin at 10-25ºC in a dry dark room.
    Keep it away from direct sunlight or lighting. This product is not harmful to the environment when it is solid.
    After the printing, the residual products should be disposed of in accordance with the waste management regulations.

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