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Vertical Spray Organizer


A spray modular organizer is a tool designed to help modelers and hobbyists organize their spray paints. This type of furniture is made of high-quality MDF wood and has a modular design to fit specific needs and available space.

The capacity of this spray modular organizer can hold 8 standard spray cans of 400ml each. This allows users to store a range of different spray paints, including base coats, spray primers, and specialty paints like metallics, chameleon colorshift, or varnish sprays.

One of the key benefits is its modular design which allows being fully combined horizontally and vertically with other Green Stuff World modular organizers to create custom storage solutions that fit a variety of spaces. This makes them ideal for small workspaces where every inch of storage counts.

It is delivered unassembled, but they are designed to be easy to put together. They come with all the necessary instructions and can be assembled in just a few minutes.

Overall, a spray rack is a useful tool for modelers and hobbyists who want to keep their spray paints organized and easily accessible. With its modular design and customizable storage options, it can help streamline your workflow and make your hobby more enjoyable.

Capacity: 8x 400ml bottles.

Size: 30x28x8.2cm

* This item does not include any sprays. This item must be assembled but includes assembly instructions.
* Wood is an organic material of natural origin that can have different shades of color or finish. This difference will not be considered a defect of the article.

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